Costs & Issues Starting An eCommerce Online Business

The only tools and services that you will need in order to manage your online business in Canada

Starting a business is easy. It is running a business that is the difficult part of the equation. Business owners, particularly owners of online businesses, have a very difficult time when it comes to this because the rules of the online world and the trends are ever changing and evolve all the time, and that really makes everything much more difficult. However, the smartest business owners will always have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to help, and we are going to be sharing some of those tricks with you. These tricks usually come in the shape of tools that can easily be found online and that will help you manage pretty much every single aspect of your business and, luckily, they are pretty easy to find and implement. Make sure to keep reading in order to find out more about these tools and to learn about how they can help your business in Canada.

Even though accounting is widely one of the most boring things in the world, you still have to deal with it, so you might as well get a tool that will help you manage it. You need a is a personal budget and software system and it can be used for small businesses, but also for couples and individuals if that is something that they need. The software is actually pretty easy to use and you will be able to deal with it even if you have no clue about anything that has to do with accounting. You will be able track absolutely everything which means you will have a complete outlook on expenses, income, any debt that you may have and much more. The software itself is pretty attractive and intuitive and it will work with whatever platform you choose to use for your ecommerce, and it will do so seamlessly. You can try out the software using a 64 day trial, and after that the price is $60, which is not too bad.


No matter what kind of business you have, communication with your customers and your employees is incredibly important. However, something that is important about these communications is that they have to be completely secure. One of the best tools that you can use in Canada, which will help you connect to customers all over the world, is Skype. This is a very well known solution that you have probably already used and that makes it an even better option for your business. Skype is now completely owned by Microsoft and is it by far the most popular tool for VOIP calling. You can use the Skype business option if you have a lot of employees, or just to communicate with your customers, contractors and pretty much every other person you need to contact you can contact, as long as you have them in your contact list. You can get the app for free if you only have a few employees and you can use it completely for free as well, but if you can we advise you to invest in one of the premium options. This is mostly because you will get better options like the ability to call landlines and cell phone numbers, and you can ever share screens if you need to.


You cannot successfully manage a business if you do not manage your relationship with your customers at the same time. Infusionsoft is a CMR software which will help you with customer relation management. It will do so by helping you automate all of your processes. These processes include marketing, managing emails, selling online, organizing all of the processes that you have in your business and much more. This software isn’t really inexpensive, and I guess most people would consider it to be a bit expensive, with a starting point at $199 a month. And even though we understand that this price can be a lot for most people, we also have to say that we definitely suggest you use this solution if you can afford it.


If you are looking for something that will be able to solve all of your problems at the same time, while also giving you the tools you need to create a stunning ecommerce website, then the Shopify ecommerce platform is what you need to be looking at. Shopify is one of the leaders when it comes to providing ecommerce services and there is no better option for you when you want to design a stunning website. You will be able to work with some of the best templates in the world and with the easiest interface out there, and the combination of the two will result in a website that is professional and leaves a beautiful first impression. Some of the tools that you will get from the platform are inventory management, payment processing and order processing, and all of these things will infinitely help you with your business management. Of course, Shopify has a secret weapon, and that is the Shopify App store where you can easily go and find all kinds of other tools that will help you with the management process. All of these apps will cost you extra money on top of your monthly payment, so you have to be careful of that, however if you only stick to the management tools you need, you should have no issues with your budget.

Managing a business in Canada doesn’t have to be difficult, and it won’t be if you have the right tips and the same tricks up your sleeve to work with. Finding the right tools for your business online can make all the difference in the world, which is why we think you need to try out all of the tools that we mentioned in the article above. And lastly, whether you are looking for help with inventory management, or customer management, order fulfillment of employee management, there is a tool out there for everything, so don’t get disscouraged and keep pushing forward. We hope you enjoyed this article and that the tools you find out about will be of great help to you.


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