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Sell with Instagram – Getting the most from this trendy app

There are many things that people like about Instagram. This is a place where you can find incredible photos, share your videos, become a celebrity in a matter of days, get in touch with like-minded people and more. What’s more interesting for business owners is that Instagram has become a powerful eCommerce tool. If you want to sell with Instagram, you should know that this process is not very difficult, but you will still have to make a good plan if you are planning to become successful.

Modern small business owners, as well as established corporations,  are using Instagram to sell their products for a few years now. This is not a surprise because this social media platform has over one billion users. Many of these users are checking business accounts and more than half of them are using this platform to browse and find new products. Now that you know how beneficial it is to be present on Instagram, it’s time to see how you can sell your products there.

Choose a niche

In case you are still planning on launching a business and you want to use Instagram as a tool to promote your offer and start selling things directly through this platform, you will have to pick a niche. Since Instagram is all about sharing photos and videos, you should focus on the products that are visually attractive. If we take a closer look at the products that are being sold the most on this platform, you will notice that niches like beauty products, cars, apparel, sporting goods, outdoor products, food, beverages, accessories, and home goods are the most popular niches. Services, electronics as well as online classes are going well too.

But, even if you already have a business and the product doesn’t belong to any of these niches, you can still benefit from Instagram. Instagram is all about sharing attractive content and developing interesting stories. If you know how to do this, you can sell almost anything on this social media platform (as long as your products meet their T&Cs).

Get a business profile

We can compare the business profile on this platform to a modern business card. If you are serious about selling things on Instagram and you want to maximize the effects of your presence on this network, then having a business profile is a must.

There are many things that this profile can provide. For example, with its help, you can add useful info to your profile including website address, business address, phone number, contact info and more. You can also get Instagram insights that will help you find out more about your posts and followers. In addition to can promote posts. Of course, you won’t be able to sell products with this platform without a business profile.

If you want to get a business profile, you will have to create a Facebook business page. In case you don’t have one, you can establish it in a matter of minutes. Once you are done (or you already have a FB page), you should establish a connection between your Instagram account and Facebook business page. Simply visit your profile and select Options. This feature comes in the form of three dots located in the top right corner. After that, select Switch to Business profile. Next, choose the Facebook page you want to link to.

The app will ask you to select a category for your Instagram profile. In this way, you can help potential customers understand what the nature of your business is. Go to the Set Up Your Business Profile page where you can review the contact info associated with your business. Feel free to make changes if needed. The process is finished once you hit the Done button.

Create attractive content

As we said before, there are literally millions of active Instagram users and millions of posts shared on a daily basis. If you want potential customers to find your business profile, you will have to start creating attractive content.

It’s obvious that the most important thing here is to share high-quality videos and/or photos. There’s no room for low-quality, dark videos and distorted images on Instagram. The content you share and especially the profile image you are using must be attractive and of high quality. In addition, this content must mirror the business message you are trying to share. To get the best effects, you should try to share as many active photos as you can. This means photos where someone is using your product instead of a classic product photo against a white background.

While we are talking about content, we should also mention that your Instagram bio can help you stand out too. Almost every user will check your profile bio after they find an interesting post or story that you have shared. The Instagram bio section is a relatively small space, but you can get many benefits if you use it wisely. In this section, you should add a link that will lead directly to your website. It’s a good idea to use emoticons to separate words. You can also use this box to describe the skills you possess if needed. Finally, use popular hashtags related to your industry in this box.

Adding links to Insta stories

Did you know that Instagram Stories are viewed by more than 300 million users every day? Forget about those funny Insta filters and use these stories to promote your business and boost your sales. Many businesses use these stories to provide videos of their products in action, highlight special deals, present their new products and more. Starting in 2019, users with business profiles can also tag products and sell their products via Instagram Story. Let’s not forget that Instagram lets users finish this process without leaving the application. This is great because the fact that you had to open another website or app before (the process of sales in the past) has hurt conversion rates.

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