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Multichannel vs. omnichannel marketing – What is right or wrong for your business in the US

When you see that there is a new marketing strategy every fee months, it can be quite difficult to follow everything and to know exactly how that particular strategy will help you. Omnichannel and multichannel ecommerce marketing are two strategies that people tend to gravitate towards, especially in the US, but also all over the world. The problem with these two strategies is that a lot of people tend to think that they are the same thing, and if you are one of those people, then prepare to be corrected. These are actually two different strategies that can do different things for your business, and since they are both excellent strategies, we believe it’s a good idea for us to give you a better look at them. If you are interested to learn more about the differences between these two strategies, as well as learn about businesses that are successfully using omnichannel marketing and the tools that you can use, then we definitely recommend you keep on reading until the end.

Multichannel does not mean omnichannel

The very first thing that you have to understand is that multichannel does not necessarily mean omnichannel. Every single strategy that is based on the omnichannel experience will have a multichannel approach, but the opposite is definitely not true. Just because you are using multiple channels for your marketing purposes, it does not mean that you are offering or creating an omnichannel approach. This is where we get to the biggest difference between the two strategies. When speaking about multichannel, we are referring to an approach where you can interact with your customers on more than just one platform. This can be Facebook, Instagram, your ecommerce, a retail location of yours and even a regular printed ad. You don’t necessarily need to be selling on all of these channels, but you have the ability to market on them and reach out to your customers through them and connect to them. And then there is omnicannel. This is a strategy that includes selling and marketing on multiple channels, but it also means that you are providing your customers with a completely integrated shopping experience. Whether they are shopping online, visiting your brick and mortar store or just look at an ad for your business on Facebook, they will have a completely integrated experience and constantly feel like they are on your own site.

The strategies are focused on different things

Another pretty big and important difference between the omnichannel marketing strategy and the multichannel one is that they focus on completely different things. Probably the biggest difference in focus has to do with channels vs. customers. Multichannel is all about reaching out to customers and spreading the word about your brand as much as possible. With this strategy the aim is to use as many channels as possible in order to increase the engagement of your customers and, hopefully, turn that engagement into actual sales. On the other hand, the way that these things are done with omnichannel is completely different. Instead of focusing on the channels the focus is put on the customer. The job of this strategy is to inter-relate every single channel that you are using in order to allow the customers to engage with the business as a whole. Basically, the focus here is on the overall experience of the consumer and the aim is to get as much of a connection between the brand and the consumer as possible. And if you are wondering which one of these is better, then we have to say that targeting the consumer is the way to go. When you are working towards interacting with the customers you are never guaranteed a sale, however if you make sure to establish a good connection with your customers in the US and really work on marketing directly to them, the sales are much more likely to come.

An example of a functioning strategy

To show you why we believe that omnichannel is the way to go for every business out there, we are going to discuss an example of a business that has really made it work. This is a business that you are definitely familiar with, and we feel that now it will make sense why they are so successful. The brand that we are talking about is Disney. They get this strategy down completely and they think about absolutely everything, right down to the smallest little detail. The first thing that you have probably noticed is that their website is just as good and responsive on mobile devices as it is on desktop, and this is the case even for their trip planning site, and that isn’t something that is very common. The trip planning portion of the site takes it a few steps further and really helps complete the whole experience. You can go around the park and take photos and all of them will be on the site, and that is just one of the things that you will get.

Shopify as the best tool

The right tools will really make a huge difference to the way that you implement a strategy, so you need to make sure that you are using the right ones. When you want to implement omnichannel marketing to your US business what you need to do is use a tool like Shopify, which will help you deal with all of the work that the strategy brings. Shopify will give you great integrations with different platforms, like social media platforms and online marketplaces. We particularly like the social media portion because you will be able to really connect with your customers there. Shopify is also a great tool for beginners, as well as business owners that don’t want to spend a lot of money, but that is also looking for good design. The design of the website is incredibly important and Shopify will make sure to give you all the help and tools you need in order to give you a professional looking, gorgeous site.

With so many different strategies to consider, getting a short list of the best ones can really help you narrow things down and make the decision easier for yourself. We hope that reading this article has helped you see why omnicnannel marketing in the US is the way to go and that you will give Shopify a chance for your own business.


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