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A perfect logo can do many wonders to your business. Not only it is used to represent your business, but also mission and vision of the company.  Logo is much more than a simple icon. Apart from that, logo is what customers relate to your business. Whether you are starting off new business or thinking to reinvigorate your e-commerce store, logo creation can be a pressuring task, with no logo design experience.

Well, no need to worry; there are many online logo makers out there. Through these online tools, entrepreneur can get high-quality and professional looking logos on a shoestring budget. Since, creation of a logo demands lot of brainwork behind it. Yet, these online logo makers help to design your own logo in minutes. Below described, these online logo maker tools fetch your ideas and restyle it into success of your brand.

Canva, one of the online logo maker tools, is used commonly to create a logo. For those, who have no design experience, this tool provides them a user-friendly interface. With over 100 templates to choose from, it is mainly a five-step process to make high-resolution custom logos. Canva let you design your beautiful logo straight on your phones.

Ucraft, a website builder company, provides free logo making services to its users. It allows them option to create a logo with the use of different shapes, icons and text. User would hardly spend as less than 10 minutes and then done with free nice-looking logo. This logo maker tool allows you to register prior to use their artistic features.

LogoMakr offers free services to the limited files, such as you have to pay to download high resolution files, while option for low-resolution is free. Like Canva, they also provide user-friendly interface i.e. drag and drop. Similarly, this tool is handy to users, but this specific tool requires some pre-knowledge in designing and fabricating eye-catching visuals. Given that this is the case, they make users to view their helpful video to show exactly how to use their features, as soon as they land their homepage.

Free Logo Design requires their users to fill their company details, first. This tool enable users to select from two given options; either they can choose one of the template that suits their business (if they have no idea where to take a start) or they can create logo on their own by using features such as text, shapes, and icons.

Top Logo Maker Generator Tools


As you are probably aware, a logo represents a visual presentation of the identity of a company. As such, the logo plays a very important role when it comes to branding. With a unique and creative logo, you can help potential and existing customers recognize your brand easily. But, in order to achieve this effect, you must create a professional-looking logo.

A good logo must be memorable, long-lasting, relevant, suitable and adaptable. If you want to create a logo like this, you should know that there are basically two options. First of all, you can hire a professional logo designer or a design agency. This is a good, but expensive option. The other option you have is cost affordable and allows you to make experiments and modifications – a logo maker generator. In the recent months, the number of these generators has reached record high levels and that’s why it’s good to focus only on the top logo maker generator tools. In this article, you will find a few examples of logo maker generator tools like this.

Adobe Illustrator

According to many specialists, Adobe Illustrator is the best vector graphics, editor. One of the things that make it great is the fact that it has a user-friendly interface which makes it perfect for beginner and professional users too. Creating professional artworks and designs is quite simple with this software.

With the help of Adobe Illustrator, you will get an opportunity to make logos with ideal accuracy. This tool makes it easy and simple to restore and recover files that were lost as a result of a sudden shutdown, computer failure, and other errors. Additionally, graphics created in AI are stored and synched in cloud libraries. Users can access their work from any place they want.

Logomaker Platform

Logomaker is one of the oldest and least expensive designing tools that provide a wide range of features. Obviously, creating a logo is one of these features. Another interesting thing about Logomaker is that this logo maker generator has a huge library which includes effects and icons that allow users to make great logos without any hassles. We have already mentioned some of the features of this generator, but we will now point out the best of them. For starters, it has a modern logo design technology implemented in it which allows users to take every step in the designing process easily. Next, with the help of this generator, you can make unique and attractive logos by adding text, colors, and icons. Finally, the library of this tool comes with many different vector shapes, graphics, fonts, designs, and colors.

Sothink Logo Maker

If you are interested in using a fast logo designing tool, then you should take Sothink Logo Maker into account. It’s used by both pros and beginners who want to make logos with a professional appearance. This logo maker generator has two different versions. The first one is the free version and the other is paid, professional version. Both the pro and free versions come with a wide range of logo templates and elements. They also have great pre-created effects and they support different exporting and importing formats.

Laughing Bird

Don’t let the name fool you because this is yet another successful logo maker generator tool that helps people make iconic logos quickly. Besides that, you can also use it to redesign your website. Everything about this logo generator is kept simple from the menus to the features. Laughing Bird is known for over 200 customizable templates in its offer. Additionally, this logo maker generator has high-quality built-in images too.

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