Top 8 Mistakes People Make with Marketing Automation

1. Being inorganic

Marketing automation programs that use templates and scheduled messaging are useful timesavers but make sure you don’t lose the personal touch of real human connection.

2. Flipping the wrong personal switches

The purpose of marketing messages it to create a meaningful bond between your company and your customers. It is important to see your communications from the customers point of view. The linked article includes some questions to ask yourself while designing your marketing plan.

3. Failing to plan

Balance between objectives (short and long term goals) is key to not losing direction or creativity or being able to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns.

4. Getting the focus wrong

Successful marketing is not just about the number of people you reach. It is about reaching the RIGHT people. Know your audience to achieve the most effective marketing efforts.

5. Ticking boxes

Marketing automation in the business to business community has risen 11 fold in just 6 years. It is imperative to be educated in the industry best practices and understanding.

6. Ignoring buyer profiles

Tailoring your communications to buyer profiles results in a far more effective program for less cost and effort. Marketing automation can be great tool for saving time and success when used with customer understanding and buyer profiles which must be thought out ahead of time.

7. Inefficient use of tools and platforms

Because the right marketing automation platform can be a little expensive, it means taking a careful audit of your present or potential automation procedures. This article asks a few questions that can help.

8. Forgetting the data generation

Marketing automation endeavors are data generators. Each interaction with a prospect, each conversion to lead or each failure generates a set of data points that are highly useful in designing future strategies.

Mx3 Metrics software is the tool to use to bring all your marketing data and make sense of it. Now more than ever, a tool that tells you how your marketing plan is working - or not working - is a crucial time and money saver.

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