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Which is the Best Website Builder for your Business in the UK? It’s time to pick a Winner for 2019

Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress, WooCommerce and Wix and so on. These are all names that you have heard at one time or another, especially if you are the owner of an ecommerce business that is on the hunt for the best solution for their business. Having different options to choose from definitely bring their own pros and cons. On one hand, it means that you have a greater variety to pick between and the chances of finding something that perfectly suits your business are bigger, but on the other hand you can get easily distracted by all of the tools, bells and whistles that each of them has to offer your business in the UK. When looking at all of the available options, keeping in mind that we are looking for a website builder for a small business, we definitely have a favorite that stands out, and that is Shopify. Today we will be dedicating this article to take a more in depth look at this solution, so if you are interested to learn more about it, then make sure to keep reading.

Why Shopify is so popular?

The first thing that we are going to take a look at is why Shopify is as popular as it is. There a millions of people all over the world that swear by this platform, and logically that has to mean that there are some good reasons behind that. The first reason has to be the fact that it was specifically built so that small businesses can have a go-to platform. Most other providers have focused on giving solutions that are meant to work for medium sized and large businesses, and we have to say that while these can also work for small businesses, the fact that they are not tailored to them makes it more difficult to get all the benefits. Another reason why people really seem to enjoy about Shopify is that it is incredibly simple and easy to use. There is no need for any extensive technical knowledge or any coding skills because the drag and drop interface will let you take care of everything with just a few clicks. This is also a fully hosted solution which means that you won’t have to worry about anything that has to do with maintenance, since the platform takes care of that on its own, and any new updates will also be done automatically. This is great for businesses that are just starting out because it means that you will have more time to take care of the actual business since you won’t have to waste it on taking care of the platform. The incredibly full app store is another huge reason for why the platform is so popular and it’s definitely a feature that makes Shopify worth it.

Why we love Shopify?

As you can see from what we spoke about above, Shopify can be a great option for your UK ecommerce. Just so we can show you why we think that the Shopify website builder is a good fit for your business, we are going to go a bit more in depth about the things that we love about it. We mentioned that one of the things that make this platform popular is the App store and that is also one of the things that we love about Shopify the most. The app store has almost 2000 app and add ons and different extensions that will really help you make a real difference to your ecommerce. It will help you give your ecommerce all of the things that you need in order to make sure it works with maximum efficiency. Another of our favorite things are all of the incredible design options. The whole point of this builder is that it will help you build an incredible website and we absolutely love all of the help that you will get when it comes to templates and themes. You get an amazing selection of themes, free and premium options, and that means that you will be definitely be able to find something that will really compliment the vibe that you have with your business.

What can be improved about Shopify?

Like every ecommerce website builder out there, Shopify also has some downsides that we feel can be improved. The biggest issue that we have about Shopify, which a lot of users agree on, are the transaction fees. You will pay a fee for every sale that you make and this can really harm you. Small businesses need a good amount of time before they can actually take off and start making a good amount of profit and those fees will take your profits down even more. This really won’t matter as much if you already have a business that is established, but if you are just starting out then you definitely need to consider this and include it in your calculations. Another thing that isn’t really ideal is the fact that all Shopify stores really depend on the apps in order for them to work to their maximum potential. And while having the apps as an option is great, we don’t really love that you pretty much have no options and you have to use them. This also isn’t a great thing for your budget either. All of these apps cost money, and all of them can easily add up and really boost the monthly price that you already have to pay.

Having a UK business means that you want to be available to as many people as possible and that requires you to have a great website that is fully functional and available to people from all over the world. In this article you were able to see why Shopify is popular, why we love it and what we feel are some of the downsides to it. We really hope that reading this article and learning all of these new things about the Shopify ecommerce website builder have encouraged you to check it out for your own business. You will be able to choose the right plan that will fit your needs and your budget, but before you even go there, make sure to take advantage of the free trial and give the Shopify a go before settling for it.


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