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Best Free Online Slogan Makers for Businesses in 2019

Creating a Slogan is an art form that only a few brands have mastered. The brands that have managed to create a slogan that captures the heart and character of the brand tend to live on for a long time in the hearts and minds of the consumers of your product. In earlier times, you had to hire a team of creative minds and pay top dollar for creating an award-winning slogan. Today you can create a smashing one using a free slogan maker in a matter of minutes.

What is a Slogan

I don’t know about you, but one of the things that get me smiling is looking forward to a MacDonald meal when I’m hungry. Other than the burger being juicy with fresh meat and crisp veggies with just the right dressing, the fries are also dry and golden. They crunch great at the bite. When I see a MacDonald ad or brand anywhere, it elicits a joyful feeling in me, and their slogan “I’m loving it” resonates because it captures how I feel when I’m munching on that burger.

Now, I thought that maybe it’s just me, but when I decide to catch a MacDonald breakfast I try to get to my favorite outlet early, and It seems I can never get there soon enough because there is always a line of eager customers waiting for service. So now I know that I am not the only one loving their breakfast hash browns. Likely, all these customers can strongly identify with the MacDonalds slogan ‘I’m Loving it.’

A slogan is a small group of words put together in a unique way to identify a company or product.

Some people have likened them to Mini brand mission statements.

Advertising is the main reason that companies develop Logos. It is also for the same reason that they form a slogan to accompany the brand.

Whereas the brand is the physical or visual representation of the company, slogans tend to be the voice behind the image of the brand. Slogans are powerful in brand and product advertising because of their recall strength on consumers. When people see your ad, they will likely forget all about in no time, but a smashing slogan as part of the add will most likely remain their memory if it connects with them. That is why a good motto is critical for advertising companies and products.

How can you generate a catchy slogan

To create a tag line today, you do not need a team of creative minds, nor do you need to pay the hefty sums for the task of coming up with a slogan. The reason is that you can generate your slogan using free slogan generators from quality web building tools such as those found on:

  • Shopify.com
  • Orbelo.com
  • Slogangenarator.com
  • GetSocio.com

Here are some key points that this free slogan generator will help you achieve with your brand:

  1. A memorable phrase

A slogan should be easy to recall. Such that when consumers watch your ad online or see your ad, the slogan will stick in their minds. With some repetition and use of your product, consumers will likely begin to associate your company or product with your slogan.

  1. They communicate key benefits

A good motto will embody some or at least a key benefit of your product. When consumers link a much-needed interest in their lives with your product, a connection is made that may prompt them to buy to fulfill a need. Let your slogan sell a benefit; the rest will follow.

  1. It should help differentiate your brand

A good motto sets you apart from the rest of the herd. Because it communicates the quality of your product that either makes it either superior or different from the rest. If it is a food menu, that differential factor could be vegan, gluten-free, or fewer calories.

  1. Elicits a positive feeling about the brand

Take one of Nike’s famous slogans ‘ just do it.’ Does it not have a positive effect on consumers? It does. It gives the consumer that ‘can do’ feeling for as long as they are wearing Nike’s. It gives the impression that if you want to perform at your peak in any given sport, get Nike’s.

 Check out these 5 all-time catchy slogans for inspiration

  1. ‘Tastes so good, cats ask for it by name’ – Meow Mix
  2. ‘Melts in your mouth, not in your hands’ – M&M. That’s a typical slogan that highlights a key benefit of the product.
  3. ‘There is no finish line’ – Nike
  4. ‘There are some things money can’t buy, but for everything else, there is Master card’ -Master card
  5. ‘Designed for driving pleasure’ is a fitting way to describe the BMW brand.

How to generate a slogan using a slogan maker for free

When you go to a slogan maker such as the one mentioned above, you will see a field that requests you to submit the keywords of your company or product. A slogan maker will then spew out suggestions of an ideal slogan to start you off.

It makes the creative process easier for you as the suggestions provided offer you a starting point in the creating process of an apt slogan that captures your company or products.

A slogan generator such as GetSocio.com recognizes special categories such as coffee shops, baker, law firm, travel agency or a studio to name a few and can come up with Catchy phrases that start you on the path of finding the ideal slogan that identifies with your brand and will resonate with consumers.


Finding a simple phrase that captures your brand or products can sound simple until you start trying to come up with one. But fret not, because most slogan generators are free and serve the purpose of generating tag line ideas that you can put to use right away. The beauty of it is how easy, quick, and efficient this is. If you do not have a company slogan, it’s time you got one! Now you know-how.

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